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Committed to Pioneering Innovative Solutions Satellite based Road Safety, Talent Acquisition Solutions and Medical Transportations services for a brighter, more equitable future.


Are you tired of feeling vulnerable on the road, unsure of the safety of your loved ones, or concerned about the rising number of accidents? Road safety is a critical issue that affects us all, and it’s time for a game-changing solution. 

At INUEdge, we are on a mission to transform the way we think about road safety. Road accidents claim thousands of lives every day, and we believe it’s time for a paradigm shift. We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking road safety solution that will change the way we drive, ensuring a safer, smarter, and more connected future for everyone. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and user-centric design to create a comprehensive road safety ecosystem.


The healthcare services industry is ripe for disruption. Citizens are demanding more accessible, affordable, and patient-centric care, while technological advancements are creating new avenues for innovation. INUCares changes the way how we attend to Out-Patient Treatments/Day Care procedures. Our Non Emergency transportation and related services will significantly enhance patient experience.

INUCares provides a distinctive platform that merges empathy with business acumen. This service empowers us to meet a crucial demand in our community, all while establishing a innovative business model capable of making a meaningful impact on the wellbeing of our communities.


INUAce is poised to revolutionise the way companies attract, hire, and retain top talent. Our mission is to bridge the gap between talented individuals and forward-thinking organisations by leveraging cutting-edge technology, data analytics,and a deep understanding of the modern workforce. 

At INUAce, we are committed to reshaping the recruitment landscape, creating a win-win situation for both employers and job seekers. Join us on our journey to revolutionise talent acquisition and unlock the full potential of the modern workforce. Together, we can build stronger, more diverse, and highly skilled teams that drive success in today’s dynamic business world.